Our Core Values are the pillar of everything we do, from product creation to hiring new members of our team. We’re happy to share them with you here.

When we work together as a team, reminding ourselves of our core values, we can grow and improve as people in so many ways, every day.

Our team extends beyond the walls of The Crafty Kit Company workshop. It includes the many people who have an impact on our business including friends, family, delivery and postal workers, suppliers and customers. We treat everyone with kindness and respect.

Our core values represent desirable qualities that you would expect from any person with integrity and kindness. Take time (perhaps at the end of the day, or at the end of the week) to reflect on these values, and to ask yourself whether you are striving to consistently live and work by them.


  • We take the initiative to improve collective outcomes.
  • We make an effort to improve the speed and quality of our own work.
  • We make an effort to communicate better and improve relationships with others.
  • We spot areas of potential improvement and we come up with ideas to improve.
  • We give helpful, constructive feedback.
  • We have a willingness to learn how to improve.
We’re not living our core values when we…
  • Don’t make possible improvements when there is an issue.
  • Don’t make improvements when asked.
  • Contribute to lowering the team’s high standard.


  • We make people feel comfortable to open up and share their ideas.
  • We focus on seeing the good in other people, always.
  • We actively ask for thoughts, ideas and opinions from others.
  • We are open to testing ideas and new ways of doing things.

We’re not living our core values when we…

  • Reject feedback or act defensively.
  • Reject ideas without listening fully to all angles and possibilities.
  • Are doubtful or distrusting without trying to understand other perspectives.
  • Make others feel that we are not listening.


  • We create a caring environment by noticing others’ needs and issues.
  • We listen fully and respectfully to others’ opinions.
  • We embrace the giving spirit of B1G1 which is integral to our business.
  • We treat others as THEY would like to be treated.
  • We show kindness and respect to our wider circle of connections.

We’re not living our core values when we…

  • Are ungrateful when someone makes an effort.
  • Interrupt or talk over someone.
  • Humiliate or ignore others.
  • Are insulting, overpowering or unnecessarily negative towards others.


  • We encourage and help others to put in 100% effort to deliver consistently excellent results.
  • We consistently use the systems and processes that are put in place to improve areas of the business.
  • We ensure consistency of production by ALWAYS referring to the Bills of Materials.
  • We ensure that there are no discrepancies in customer orders by double checking EVERY order.

We’re not living our core values when we…

  • Do things ‘our own way’ without sharing with the team.
  • Refuse to use the systems that have been put in place.
  • Rely on our memory to make up kits.
  • Value speed over quality, making errors in the process.
  • Allow ourselves to be distracted from our most important work.


  • We consciously make things more enjoyable for everyone.
  • We contribute to the positivity and energy of the team.
  • We find ways to make every task enjoyable.
  • We find opportunities to express gratitude daily.

We’re not living our core values when we…

  • Spread negativity amongst team members.
  • Disengage or disconnect.
  • Complain or talk negatively behind people’s backs.
  • Knowingly create unhappiness in the things we say or do to people.